To have Karolina coach me was a good decision. At the time when one needs to clarify within oneself which way to take, which decisions to make, or on the contrary, what not to spend time on,  it was perfect to have Karolina’s consulting, as she always helped me to throw light upon  many things. Karolina is able to direct you sensitively and non-violently towards your own solutions. Her friendly and, at the same time, professional approach guarantees an advancement on your way to self-discovery. Karolina is also very flexible and open to skype consulting, which proved a necessity in my case.  I can recommend the cooperation with Karolina to all who want to move ahead in any sphere of their lives."


„We pose many questions in our lives but not always are we are able to answer them. If you, however, meet someone who knows which questions to ask, things are suddenly much easier. Karolina helped me put together basic answers which positively motivated me not to lose time on things which don’t lead anywhere."
Thank you once more!:-) 


“If there is anything in this world can be, so it is possible for you.”